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Foreclosures Gone Wild Online Short Sale System
with Dustin Griffin
& Kimberlee Frank

Class can be joined at any time for only $497.

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Foreclosures Gone Wild
Live Training in Orlando

February 18th - 20th

FGW Live Training + Webinar

FGW Live Training Only
90 Day Extreme Internet Marketing Makeover - SEO/SEM Edition
800 Lb Guerrilla Internet Marketing Workshop
AKA The 90 Day Extreme Makeover - SEO/SEM Edition
Learn how to get more leads & make more profits by getting your websites, ads, articles, videos and blogs to the top of the search engines fast! The 9 Week Online Workshop begins Sept 20th at 7PM ET.

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I've been a customer of your for a long time and I won't go with any other company. I love your services and all the benefits that i get from you.
Peter Leyva
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We've just released out our new Super Smart Voice Mail Systems. We've created these new VM systems to coordinate with your Super Smart Websites, so whether motivated buyers and sellers call or visit your website, they'll get the same consistent message online or off. We've pre-recorded and pre-scripted these VM systems in male and female voices and in both English and Spanish. And like our Super Smart Websites, we'll provide you with all the FREE updates to the VM systems and phone scripts for the life of the product and service.

Listen to Sample Voice Mail Messages Below
Hotline (Female)
House Seller
Hotline (Female)
Hotline (Male)
House Seller
Hotline (Male)

Please Note: We refer to our VM Hotlines a little differently than we do our websites. When we refer to our "Home Seller Hotline", we are referring to the voice mail hotline your sellers call when you BUY houses. We refer to our "Homebuyers Hotline" as the voice mail hotline your buyers call when you SELL homes. The opposite is true for our Super Smart Websites. We refer to our Homebuyer Website as the site you use when you BUY houses and the Home Seller site when you SELL homes. So please don't confuse your Buy/Sell.

Home Seller Hotline
When Sellers Sell & You Buy
Homebuyer Hotline
When Buyer Buy & You Sell
Both Buy & Sell Hotlines
For Buyers & Sellers
Toll Free Unlimited Inbound Calls

Toll Free Pay Per Minute

Local Unlimited Inbound Calls

Call call (678) 957-0220 or Email Us for more information.

Does Your Voice Mail System Do All This? Ours does!!!
UNLIMITED FLAT RATE PRICING! - You get unlimited inbound calls for one low price! That's right, no per minute usage fee for your inbound calls! People can call in and listen to your pre-recorded scripts for as long as they like.

Dedicated Toll-Free 800 Number - You get your very own 800 number so you can project a professional image 24 hours a day and use your number anywhere in the country.

Retrieve messages and faxes by phone - Call into your VM system from any phone or fax to stay connected.

Retrieve messages and faxes online - Log on to our secure "virtual office" website or retrieve your messages and faxes with Microsoft Outlook®.

Caller ID Capture - You can capture all incoming phone numbers. This feature works for blocked and unlisted numbers too!

Live Connect - You can configure your press 0 option to "track you down" at numbers you program or you can drive them to our Live Connect Answering Service. Using this feature, you'll hear the name of the caller and can choose to accept the call or send to voice mail.
Fax-On-Demand - You can store and deliver fax-on-demand documents to your callers 24/7.

24 Hour Recorded Message On Demand - Deliver your pre-recorded messages to your callers 24/7.

Broadcast Voice Mail Messages - Broadcast voice messages to pre-defined groups or your entire team at the touch of a button!

Direct Call Back - While listening to a voice mail message, you can place an outbound return phone call to your caller.

Ad Tracking - Use this feature to track the success of multiple marketing campaigns using different extensions.

Message Notification - You can program your VM system to notify you of new messages through your email, pager, cell phone, or any number you wish.

Programmable Extensions - Add, edit, delete, and manage up to 999 extensions for fax and audio presentations.

The individual Buy and Sell Hotlines have a one-time setup fee of $99.95. The Combo Buy/Sell Hotlines have a one-time setup fee of $199.95. The Combo Buy/Sell English/Spanish Hotline and Voice Mail Total Package have a one-time setup fee of $299.95. Continuous excessive usage of our Unlimited Inbound Call plans beyond reason may result in your account being switched to a Pay Per Minute package. The Pay Per Minute packages are .07 cents per minute for inbound calls. All packages have an outbound usage fee of .05 cents per minute unless you are using one of our Live Connect Answering Service packages in which your per minute usage fees are included with your Live Connect package. All other outbound usage fees still apply.

Call call (678) 957-0220 or Email Us for more information.

Super Smart Web Profits and PATLive Have Teamed Up To Provide You a Complete Marketing & Lead Capturing Solution.

PatLivePATLive provides automated and live telephone answering services that allow you to generate leads and pre-screen your callers without ever answering a call. Our professionals will answer and screen your calls 24 hours a day and fax, email or enter your leads into your Super Smart Website instantly.
  • Professional, highly trained agents

  • Prequalify callers 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Use prewritten, proven scripts or customize your own

  • Fifteen years Real Estate experience

  • Eight years Real Estate Investing experience

  • 24/7 live customer service and support

  • No contracts or lengthy commitments
Don’t let a missed call mean a missed sale! PATLive will answer your calls for you, 24 hours a day. With PATLive as your partner, you can build your business, even at 2 am. All PATLive services include a toll-free number, caller ID, date and time stamp, call forwarding, email notification of messages, free detailed billing, 24 hour service, call statistics, and online account access. PATLive Operator improves service and enhances your image. Interested customers might turn away from busy signals or voicemail. Why pay the salary and benefits of a receptionist who is only available 8 hours per day? For a fraction of the cost, PATLive’s highly-trained professionals answer your calls 24/7.
  • Pre-screened calls mean you only speak to serious callers. This increased productivity translates to increased revenue.

  • Customized scripts supply your business information and provide much more than an answering service experience.

  • Live Operators answer and screen calls, act as receptionists, perform data entry, offer e-commerce support, and provide your callers with important information 24/7.

  • PATLive will enter all your buyer or seller's information directly into your Super Smart Buy, Sell and Save Your Home from Foreclosure Websites in real time!

  • Operators answer overflow and after-hours calls, or send all your calls to PAT!

  • Your company is always open and ready for business.
PATLive Messaging Executive answers calls for you, 24 hours a day, so your business never has to close. Advertise your business and provide options to customers 24/7.
  • Recorded messages provide consistent service; your caller hears the same enthusiastic pitch even at 3am.

  • 5 additional greetings allow you to offer a menu of information.

  • Virtual fax machine functions handle inbound and outbound fax requests.

  • Be available when you want to be; forward calls based on time of day and day of week using Find Me.

  • Use the Live Operator service to allow callers to speak to a live person.
Call call (678) 957-0220 or Email Us for more information!

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