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Dustin and Christine: I checked out several other sites before settling on yours. I feel that you have the most progressive, feature filled site of any I looked at. The fact that you continue to upgrade the site regularly is very important. Most of all, you have been at it longer than most of your competitors combined and understand the problems we face as investors. Good luck, I think you have a fine product.
Wally Kempe
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Discover the #1 Online Real Estate Investor
Business Management System

That Automates Your Business
And Provides You With the Tools And Resources
You Need to Send Profits Sky-Rocketing!
Now You Can Buy and Sell Homes Faster
and More Efficiently Than Ever Before
While Also Maximizing Profits and Cash Flow
with Little to No Effort on Your Part!

Here's Your Chance to Work Less
While Making More - Much, Much More!

At Last! Websites Specifically Designed for Real Estate Investors
BY Successful Real Estate Investors That Will Dramatically
Reduce Your Workload and Increase Your Earnings!

Date: February 29, 2024
From the desk of: Dustin Griffin

Dear fellow investor:

If you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in today's competitive real estate investment marketplace . . .

You need an online presence that is much more than just a website.

You need an Online Real Estate Investor Business Management System that is:

  •   Easy-to-use

  •  Professional-looking

  •   Dynamic

  •   Interactive

  •   Database-driven

You need an Online Business Management System that:

  • Not only pre-screens and pre-negotiates your prospects, but also totally automates your real estate business so you can work far less and earn much more!

Ultimately, you need... Investor Websites!

Like it or not, we're now living in the Internet age - a time where most people feel that for a business to be legitimate it must have a website. And not just any website will do either.

A successful website today must function as two websites in one:

  • A front-end website that the public can interact with easily -
    As your prospects become more and more Internet savvy, they're demanding websites that are both easy-to-use and loaded with useful information and features. The right website will enable you to leverage the power of the Internet to attract motivated buyers, renters, sellers, private money lenders and other investors.

  • And a back-end, back office (Intranet) site that you can use to run your entire business remotely -
    The right website will also fully automate all the processes of your real estate investing business - saving you tons of hard-earned money and hours upon hours of your precious time that you can turn around and devote to other matters such as growing your business or spending time enjoying all that life has to offer!'s websites perform both of these functions and much, much more!

Now's the Time for You to Totally Automate Your Business and Take Your Real Estate Investing Profits to the Next Level!

I'm going to tell you exactly how to do that in just one moment. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Dustin Griffin and just like you I am a real estate investor.

Many of you may know me from the Super Smart Teleconference Calls that I do monthly with such other real estate gurus as Jeff Kaller, Scott deMoulin, Alan Cowgill, Scott Scheel, David Lindahl, Mark Sumpter, Wendy Patton, and Shawna Cullen, just to name a few.

Each one of these gurus has found their own unique niche and are able make huge amounts of money investing in real estate using the systems they've created.

So what have I discovered?

I've Discovered the Secret That Will Allow You to
Work Smarter, Not Harder as a Real Estate Investor
- While Making More Money Than Ever Before!

You see, I've learned how to easily assimilate the money-making systems of all the gurus mentioned above into one single, simple system that will send your profits skyrocketing! The key is to have a website/online business management system (OBMS) that automates much of your investment business.

Today, I Have More Cash and More Freedom Than I Ever
Thought Possible! Here's How You Can, Too!

By implementing the OBMS that I'm about to reveal to you, I've been able to create an automated buying and selling machine that churns out motivated, pre-screened, pre-negotiated prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... automatically!

I'm able to buy and sell homes faster and more efficiently than ever before while still managing to maximize my profits and cash flow with little to no effort on my part!

In fact, I'm now making all the money I want or need, have a safe secure retirement plan, and can travel, spend time with my family and enjoy the life I've always wanted.

Interested in learning more? If so, please keep reading, you may be very surprised at what you learn!

How I Was Able to Succeed Beyond My
Wildest Dreams as a Real Estate Investor!

My story does not start with lack or suffering or any kind of sob story, but with a lot hard work, determination and a slight case of the investor blues. I've been what I like to call "Self-Unemployed" since 1996 when I first started a small website development company back during my college days. My specialty was designing and creating dynamic, database-driven websites, which were extremely powerful, yet extremely easy to use and navigate.

After developing hundreds of websites for realtors and investors over the years, I started to take a serious interest in real estate myself, especially since I witnessed one of my clients go from being a high school janitor to a real estate multi-millionaire in 3 short years. I was truly amazed with his results, so I decided to get off the fence and start investing in real estate myself.

In my early days of investing, I faced many of the common problems that many new real estate investors face, such as: a lack of credibility; no marketing exposure; few leads; no prescreening system; no follow-up system; no way to quickly make offers; lack of organization; no office or support staff; no way to sell houses fast; no credit; no cash flow; too much paperwork; and no free time.

After losing $7,000 on my very first deal and making several other costly mistakes, rather than throwing in the towel and giving up, I decided to enroll in the University of Financial Freedom rather than continuing to attend the School of Hard Knocks. By that I mean that I began to attend a variety of boot camps offered by many of the real estate gurus mentioned above.

They Say "Knowledge is Power" ... and It's True!

Once I had the knowledge I needed, all I had to do was take what I had been taught and put it into action. After doing so, my real estate investing career really began to take off as I slowly implemented many of the new real estate success strategies I'd learned.

However, I soon realized that success comes with its own set of unique problems. In fact, some of my early problems even seemed to multiply as I bought and sold more homes.

For example, even though I had more leads coming in than I knew what to do with, taking advantage of them was another matter due to my limited capacity as a one-man-operation. I still didn't have the credibility I desired, a good follow-up system, more marketing exposure, more help, more free time, etc. though I knew I needed them and had been taught how to achieve those goals. Implementation always seemed more difficult than the seminars led me to believe. This doesn't mean that what I was taught didn't work ... oh no, the problem was me. I'd been to so many seminars and learned so much, I was having a hard time assimilating all the multiple systems I'd learned into a single, simple system that I could easily implement by myself.

As a result, the more leads I generated, the busier I became working IN my investing business rather than working ON my business. I felt like an employee again for the first time in years, working for some new doofus boss ... ME! I wasted countless hours driving around looking at properties I'd never buy, talking to unmotivated buyers and sellers, and filling out endless amounts of paperwork and other legal documents. I decided there had to be a better way . . . I needed to work smarter, not harder if I was ever going to make it in this business and achieve the personal and financial freedom I'd always wanted.

Discover the Secret That Put Me on the Fast Track to Success!

Due to my background in website development and what I'd learned in school, I began to realize that I needed to automate many of the processes I learned from all the seminars I'd attended if I was ever going to take back control of my business, rather than continuing to let my business control me! Looking back on it, it was only natural for me to return to my website design roots, the business I had left to get into real estate investing, to create an online business management system to help overcome many of the problems I was now facing as my real estate investing business expanded and grew.

It was my goal to delete all the time-wasting activities I was involved in and then to automate many of the daily, mundane tasks that I had to perform over and over again. I had to create an automated system that would allow me to delegate to others so they could do the work for me . . . so the less I'd work, the more I'd make. Isn't that what personal and financial freedom is all about?

The tools and systems I went on to create for my home-buying and home-selling business helped me quickly overcome many of the problems and obstacles I was facing once and for all . . . and they will work hard for you as well!

Ladies and Gentlemen ... Allow Me to Introduce ELVIS
(Yes, Elvis is Alive and Doing Very Well!)

ELVIS is the codename for my state-of-the-art, web-based, real estate investor software that powers the websites and BackOffice Business Management Systems.

ELVIS stands for "ELectronic Virtual Investor Systems" and represents the latest, cutting edge real estate investor technology, combining many years of successful real estate investing with vast online software development experience to create the ultimate web-based, virtual office for serious real estate investors.

Delivering Total Investor Freedom is
What We're All About!

ELVIS helps you work ON your business so you're not stuck working IN your business. Because ELVIS is a web-based system that will work on pretty much any computer with a browser and Internet access, you can conduct your business virtually anywhere. Whether you are on the road, in the car or hotel, on a ship, at the coffee shop or on the beach, you can access your BackOffice as easily as you could if you were sitting at your desk. No matter where you go or what you're doing, you can now take your office with you ... that's right, gives you Total Investor Freedom!

Imagine Being Able to Work Less While Making More!

ELVIS provides the online business management system you need to send your profits soaring. Plus, ELVIS will also help you do all of the following:

  • Instantly achieve more credibility! Now you can have a website for buying houses and a website for selling houses that will provide you with the instant credibility you need to overcome many of the common buyer and seller objections. Better yet, you won't have to keep wasting time explaining yourself over and over again. Just direct buyers and sellers to your websites where they can "check you out" and get all their questions answered 24/7 with no involvement from you whatsoever. This will be a huge burden taken off your shoulders!

  • Multiply your existing marketing exposure ten times over, virtually overnight! With your new professional websites in place, you will be able to start proudly displaying your web addresses for your buy and sell websites on all your marketing materials in big, bold letters. This will allow you to take a small black and white classified ad, a yellow page ad, a bandit sign, a vehicle sign or a flyer and drive prospects to a full-blown, full-color, multi-page, interactive website describing your business and explaining exactly what it is that you do and how you can help the buyer or seller in great detail. Doing this will enable you to greatly expand your current marketing capabilities using the same medium and the same amount of money that you're already using!

  • Pre-screen and pre-negotiate prospects without ever talking to them! Are you tired of getting calls in the middle of the night, when you are having dinner with your family or when you're trying to enjoy a little private time? Is your cell phone constantly ringing? If so, I understand. I used to waste a lot of time talking to unmotivated buyers and sellers by forwarding all their calls to my cell phone. This was a big mistake! This meant my life was constantly being interrupted not only by motivated sellers, but also by unmotivated buyers and all the tire-kickers who thought they could afford to buy one of my homes. One other thing that was perhaps even more significant than the constant interruptions was the fact that I was not prepared to talk to a motivated seller and negotiate a property over the phone when I was standing in line at a checkout counter or when I was suddenly awakened from a nap or when I was trying to enjoy a meal with my family. I would end up stuttering and bumbling my way through the conversation sometimes doing more harm than good. But now with your new websites, your buyer and seller leads can visit your websites, complete the questionnaires, pre-screen and pre-negotiate themselves and submit all their information to you. Having such a pre-screening and pre-negotiation mechanism in place will cut your call volume in half!

  • And much, much more so please keep reading!

Get Organized Once and for All with ELVIS!

Another great feature of ELVIS is that all your leads are stored in your private "BackOffice" online database, where you can login, access and manage these leads from any computer or PDA with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This means you no longer have to worry about keeping track of hundreds of incoming buyer and seller leads on bits of paper, the back of cocktail napkins, on post-it notes, on multiple pieces of paper or in filing cabinets since all your leads will be coming through and stored within your website!

You Can Now Enjoy Total Investor Freedom!

Now that all your leads will be stored in an online database, you can work virtually anywhere - wherever you have a computer, a browser and an Internet connection!

This means if you have a notebook computer, you can literally take the office with you wherever you go. If you don't have a mobile computer, you can use your PDA or use someone else's computer when your reach your destination.

To me, this amounted to the personal freedom that I've been searching for as long as I can remember. Now I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want and run my real estate investing business remotely without having to be stuck in the office . . . I'm finally free to come and go as I please!

Another benefit of having an online virtual office such as that provided by SuperSmartWebProfits is that no real office space is necessary. My staff and I can easily work from home or on the road via our BackOffice Intranet site. I can even set their login to limit their access and permissions for the BackOffice website. By using this system, we are currently buying properties in four states with ease!

Plus, ELVIS Also Provides You
With an Automated Follow-Up System!

Now that all your leads are stored in an online database (my BackOffice), you can easily login 24/7 and sift and sort through hundreds and thousands of leads that you'll accumulate over time by: follow-up date; lead insert date; potential profit; alphabetically by buyer/seller's name; urgency; lead type; city, state, zip; phone number; and much more!

This allows you to cherry pick the really hot leads that have the potential to make you a lot of money and ignore the time wasters until they've had ample time to "stew" and get motivated over time.

Now none of your leads ever have to be lost or wasted since they are all stored in an easily accessible, online database that you can access from anywhere rather than in a filing cabinet in a single, physical location.

ELVIS Also Features Offer
Tracking Tools to Make Your Job Even Easier!

In addition to the follow-up system, ELVIS also has a built-in Offer Tracking System to keep track of all your offers and exit strategies as well as a Communication Tracking System to manage all your buyer and seller email and phone communications over time.

Thanks to ELVIS, you will now be able to make offers at lightning speed!

With a fully completed online seller questionnaire in hand, you'll be able to quickly review the lead, run a few quick comps if necessary, put together several offers and present them to a seller via email or over the phone within minutes of receiving the leads and without ever seeing the property.

These features allow me to present my offers very fast and prevent me from wasting countless hours driving all over town looking at properties I might never buy. If the seller rejects the tentative offer I make over the phone or via email, I save myself from making a wasted trip. If the seller accepts my tentative offer, I drive out meet the seller, renegotiate on the spot if necessary and put the property under contract right then and there!

Most sellers really appreciate the fact that I'm able to follow-up, make them an offer and purchase their house so quickly. I like it because it saves me so much time and money and helps me earn a lot more money by focusing on what is really important . . . making offers, doing deals and raising private money.

Now I Can Sell My Houses as Fast as I Buy Them, Too
- Thanks to!

Because I'm storing ALL my Tenant/Buyer Leads and newly acquired properties in my online website database too, I can login and quickly match prospects to an available property in seconds. I can then email all my prospects a full color property flyer and have them drive-by and preview the home. I can even auction my properties off on my website by the down payment, the monthly rent or the purchase price and let my buyers bid them up!

Instead of showing houses week after week to tire-kickers with no money while steadily dropping my asking price, my new system allows my buyers to show and sell my homes without me . . . all while steadily raising the price! To make it even better, my buyers use my websites and voice mail systems to tell me exactly what they are looking for and all I have to do is go find it!

ELVIS Has Been Tried, Tested and Approved by
Many of the Country's Most Successful Real
Estate Investors and Gurus!

W.C. Fields once said, "All I ask for is an unfair advantage."

Well, if you are a real estate investor looking to succeed in today's competitive marketplace then this is the "unfair advantage" for you!

  • Imagine being able to run your business like a pro while actually spending a fraction of the time that you currently spend on it.

  • Imagine being able to create automated profits 24/7 and instant credibility with a professionally designed website and graphics that cost you just pennies per hour to operate!

  • Imagine having a complete online management system that is essentially an automated buying and selling machine designed to eliminate time wasters and help you make money while you sleep!

Get the Online Tools You Need to Take
Your Business to the Next Level and Beyond!

ELVIS is packed with numerous useful features that most real estate investors don't have but wish they did.

Features that will make your job a hundred times easier and a thousand times more profitable!

Just look at SOME of what you get with your websites:

  • Get Started in 24 to 48 Hours or Less
    That's right, we can have your sites online and ready for business in as little as 24 to 48 hours, and, in many instances, even less time than that!

  • Our Websites Work Hard, So You Don't Have Too
    We've taken the time to design, develop, market and test our website content, systems and strategies so you don't have too. Our sites are turnkey and ready to go to work for you today!

  • Save Time and Money
    Our websites will save you time and money by shortening the home acquisition and sales cycle through proven systems of automation thereby enabling you to focus on building your business and enjoying whatever matters most to you.

  • Delete It, Automate It or Delegate It
    Our websites delete the time wasters by automating and streamlining many of your repetitive day-to-day investing tasks and by giving you the tools you need to run and manage your business while delegating many of these responsibilities to others.

  • A Site That is Easy to Use and Navigate
    Our specialty is building dynamic, database driven sites that are extremely easy to use and very easy navigate. As long as you can point and click a mouse and type with at least one finger, you can use our sites.

  • Available in Spanish
    As you know, the Spanish market is the fastest growing market sector for real estate investors. For a one-time upgrade fee, you can upgrade your Buy and Sell Sites to include Spanish to cater to those who speak Spanish in your area.

  • Create Bandit Sites!
    You can now turn any of your sites into a "Bandit Site" by purchasing a separate, private/unlisted domain name (web address) at Doing so will allow you to have a separate "Front-end" website that has the same consistent website content, but has a different theme (look-and-feel), company name (Ex: and unlisted phone number(s) so that you can have an anonymous web presence when using Bandit Signs to acquire leads.

  • Add or Update Your Own Seller Testimonials
    Your "Front-end" websites have been designed to be maintenance free. One of the only things you have to do to maintain the websites is to post your own testimonials.

  • Update Your Account Information On-the-Fly
    Using your BackOffice, you can easily access your Account Information page to set access privileges, change your company name, phone numbers, email distribution list, text messaging or add search engine keywords and descriptions to your website.

  • Change Your Website Theme On-the-Fly
    Using your new BackOffice Theme Gallery, you can choose from over 170 themes that are currently available and we are constantly adding more! This way you can change the look-and-feel of your website whenever you like.

  • Attach Digital Photos to Your Leads
    Upload digital photos to your BackOffice and attach them to your property leads. You'll never forget what a property looked like or get it confused with some other property ever again.

  • Over 1000 Investor Real Estate Resources at Your Fingertips!
    Our new and improved "Super Smart Resource" section contains over 1000 downloadable investor real estate resources such as contracts and other legal documents, deeds, mortgages, notary acknowledgements, foreclosure law summaries, marketing material, archived teleconference calls and so much more.

  • Control of Your Own Website "Meta Tags"
    Update your website's meta tags to draw search engine leads. Meta tags are the keywords and descriptions that the search engines and spiders use to categorize, prioritize and list your site.

  • New Multi-Site Login Feature
    Though each of your BackOffice websites requires a unique username and password, our sites have a Multi-Site Login feature that will allow you to login to one of your BackOffice sites and switch to your other BackOffice sites without having to logout and login to each site separately. Also, our new "Remember Me" login feature makes logging in as simple as clicking your mouse.

  • Get FREE Leads from Our Nationwide Network of Investors and Websites
    That's right. By joining the family, you will not only receive free leads from our nationwide network of websites such as, but you will also receive free referrals from our customers from around the country.

  • Our Online Help Desk is Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week So You Are Never Alone
    While it's nice to be in business for yourself, you don't want to be in business by yourself. At, we don't want you to feel alone either. If you've got problems, we've got solutions and are here to help. Use our Online Help Desk 24/7 to get the support you need fast.

  • And Much, Much More including up to five email addresses per site!

A website contains "everything you need to succeed as an independent real estate investor" and is, quite literally, the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to dramatically boost your earnings and begin living the first-class lifestyle you deserve.

Today's Most Successful Real Estate Investors and
Gurus are Using ELVIS to Earn a Fortune . . . Get Your Website Today and Join Them!

These successful investors and gurus are working less and making more because they have the world's most relentless, methodical, tireless and successful homebuying and selling tool ever devised - ELVIS - working for them.

Quite simply, ELVIS allows you to take better advantage of the Internet than any other online tool available today.

ELVIS Allows You to Bypass the Expensive and
Frustrating Trial and Error Stage and Go Right to
Being a Wildly Successful Real Estate Investor!

Did you know that real estate has created more millionaires than any other industry?

It's true.

Real estate can deliver the fortune you have always dreamed of. All you need is the right tool(s) to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise . . . a website is that tool!

By utilizing ELVIS's numerous features our clients are now living their dream lives - and because you won't have to go through the trial and error that I did in creating this incredible system you will be able to start living the life of your dreams even faster!

I Firmly Believe That is the
Most Important Tool for Establishing a Successful
Real Estate Investment Business Today!

But don't take my word for it. Here is what just a few of my many satisfied customers have to say about their websites:

"Your sites are so easy to use, even my wife can use them... and she's a blonde! LOL. No, seriously, anyone who can point and click a mouse and type with one finger can take advantage of these awesome investor websites. I love all your new upgrades! Keep up the good work!"
Anonymous (I don't want his wife to kill him!)

"I don't know how I ever managed to survive without my website. In truth, I almost didn't. My business was floundering. But since my website went live my profits have soared. Thank you!"
Mark Williams

"I used to waste countless hours talking to clients who weren't going to buy no matter what. But not anymore, my website screens out all the tire-kickers and allows me to concentrate on the red hot leads. I can't even begin to tell you how much this online management system has meant to the success of my business and to my own peace of mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Thomas Gibson

"Finding profitable deals has never been easier thanks to my website. I would highly recommend the Super Smart online management system to anyone looking to succeed as a real estate investor."
M. Gabol

"My business has gone from a big mess to big-time success - and its all thanks to my website. This system has become the backbone of my business now. I don't know what I would do without it."
S. Holland

"When I was starting out in the real estate investment business I searched far and wide for a good management system that would help me organize and manage my business. After looking at several products, I ultimately decided to purchase a website and now I can honestly say that was the best business decision I have ever made!"
Marcus White

"I owe a great deal of my success to my websites. They were truly the tools I needed to establish and grow my real estate investment business."
Marvin Harris

"My website took a beginning real estate investor and put him on the fast track to success!"
T. Peacock

Isn't It Time That You Wrote Your Own
Real Estate Investing Success Story?

Order a Website Today and Start
Earning the Kinds of Profits That Will Allow You to
Live a Life of Total Financial Freedom!

Your website, or Online Business Management System, will give you the organization and information you need to start and grow a wildly successful real estate investment business and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes others make.

And, don't forget, ELVIS was created by someone who has actually been in your shoes and succeeded!

Now I'm Enjoying the Personal and Financial Freedom That I
Always Wanted ... & You Can As Well - With a Website!

A website is available for any serious real estate investor looking to supercharge his or her business and to take things to the next level and beyond.

Ongoing customer feedback and development ensure ELVIS continues to grow and expand each month - just as my investing business and the investing businesses of my many customers continue to grow across the country.

Create a Super Smart Website Package That Fits Your Needs!

Available options include:

Homebuyer Website (When YOU BUY) - You get an automated, online system for Buying Houses complete with a front-end website for attracting sellers and a backend database management system for capturing and managing all your leads whether the seller calls in or visits your website. And the best thing is, you don't have to build your own site or write your own marketing copy... we've done it all for you and will keep improving your site for as long as you remain a customer.

Home Seller Website (When YOU SELL) - You get an automated, online system for Selling Houses complete with a front end website for attracting tenant/buyers and the backend database management system for capturing and managing all your tenant/buyer leads whether they call in or visit your site. Then only thing you have to do to maintain your sell site is to post your own properties and testimonials. Leave it to us to continually improve your sites month after month for the life of the product.

Home Saver and Seller Website (When YOU Buy and SAVE) - This site is specifically geared toward attracting home owners facing foreclosure using the "Save Your Home" message. This message will attract home owners who want to keep their home and normally wouldn't respond to your "Sell Your House" message. However, once on your site, they can easily see that you buy houses too if their home cannot be saved. This site has a special questionnaire for those who want to save their home and one for those who want to sell their house fast to avoid foreclosure.

Lender Website (When YOU BORROW) - Your Lender Site is designed to give you the credibility you need to borrow all the money you need at rates much lower than hard money. Show your lenders you're a serious investor by showing them how you buy and sell and how you can put their money to work for them by investing in real estate. This site too comes with a backend lead and loan management system.

Auction Upgrade to Sell Site - If you've been doing round-robin auctions to sell your houses offline, you'll love our new eBay-style auction that will allow you to auction your properties off online and build your tenant/buyers list at the same time. With this upgrade, you can auction off your homes by purchase price, down payment or monthly payment. This upgrade comes with all improvements for life.

Wholesale Upgrade to Sell Site - With this new upgrade to your sell site, you can now capture, manage and market to your wholesale buyers (investors) separately from your tenant/buyers. This upgrade gives you the ability to mass email full color wholesale property flyers or lists so you can quick turn your investment properties in hours. This upgrade too comes with all enhancements for life.

Spanish Upgrade to Buy & Sell Sites - Do you have a large Hispanic population in your market? If so, you can be one of the few investors catering to this niche market. We've completely translated our Buy and Sell Websites into Spanish and have this copy available at the click of a button as a second language. You can even purchase a Spanish domain name and have your sites pull up in Spanish as a first language using this upgrade. Any pages we translate into Spanish in the future, you will get automatically.

AutoFill Upgrade to Buy and Save Sites - Are you tired of completing all your countless pieces of purchase and sale paperwork by hand or typing it in page by page? With our new AutoFill Upgrade, we take the work out of paperwork! You can now complete all your paperwork online and choose the documents you wish to print with the press of a single button. Once your paperwork is complete, you can easily access from any computer with a browser and a web connection.

The Total Package, The Ultimate Investor Website Combo! - If you want the best, we've got the best. This package gets you everything we have available and a few items that are yet to be released. The Total Package includes all 4 of our Buy, Sell, Save and Borrow Websites and Back Offices along with the Buy/Sell/Save Spanish Upgrade, Wholesale and Auction Upgrade to the Sell Site, AutoFill, AutoHud and AutoProfits Upgrade to the Buy and Save Sites, all our Bandit Sites, all the Free Bonuses mentioned below and all Free Enhancements to each of these sites and upgrades for life!

Order Now and Take Advantage of
Our Special Discount Pricing!

Click any of the links below to add items to your shopping cart.

Ala Cart Websites Regular
Homebuyer Site & Back Office

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Home Seller Site & Back Office
Foreclosure Save Site & Back Office
Private Lender Site & Back Office
Website Upgrades
Auction Upgrade to Sell Site
Wholesale Upgrade to Sell Site
Spanish Upgrade to Buy & Sell Sites*
AutoFill Upgrade to Buy & Save Sites
AutoProfits Upgrade to Buy & Save Sites**
AutoHud Upgrade to Buy & Save Sites***
Website Combo Packages
Both Buy & Sell Combo
Both Save & Sell Combo
Buy, Sell & Borrow Combo
Save, Sell & Borrow Combo
Total Package(All Sites, Upgrades & Bonuses)

Plus, If You Order Today You'll Receive
All These Free Bonuses!

Bonus Value
FREE Bandit Buy Site (with Buy Site) $2495
FREE Bandit Sell Site (with Sell Site) $2495
FREE Bandit Save Site (with Save Site) $2495
FREE Bandit Lender Site (with Lender Site) $2495
FREE Flash & Non-Flash Website Themes (170+ Styles) $495
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